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Golzar dishwashing liquid

Golzar dishwashing liquid is a liquid with high cleaning, degreasing, and foaming power and contains standard essential oils and pleasant aromas in different colors.
This liquid has a natural scrub, suitable for washing greasy and dirty dishes without having a lasting effect on the dishes.
This product is produced in cylindrical shapes weighing 750 grams in four colors 1: green with apple aroma 2: yellow with lemon aroma 3: orange with orange aroma 4: red with strawberry aroma.



Laundry detergents

Suitable for special washing with hands and semi-automatic washing machines, with high cleaning power and its harmlessness to the skin of the hands and its ability to remove stains, strong degreasing and abundant foam, and also contains special essential oils to give a pleasant smell to later clothes. From washing.
These products are produced and sold in 10 and 20 kg bag packaging and 500 g carton packaging.
Other uses: Washing all kinds of clothes and textiles, various surfaces, ceramic tiles, toilets and washing all kinds of carpets and rugs


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