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Machine detergent powder wholesale supply

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Is liquid or powder detergent better for washing machine?Machine detergent powder producers

Today, with the advancement of knowledge, the best powder detergent or laundry detergent powder is used to wash clothes. This type of detergent makes clothes cleaner. This type of car wash powder has different types and there are many sellers in the country who have considered new ways to sell this product. One of the main methods of selling powder detergent is that it has many benefits for buyers. A Machine detergent powder is sold in the original way.

Machine detergent powder wholesale supply

Is liquid or powder detergent better for washing machine?

Is liquid or powder detergent better for washing machine?

  1. You may have had trouble choosing the right type of laundry detergent many times and do not know which one to buy between laundry detergent or washing powder. In the following, you will get acquainted with the types and advantages of washing powder and liquid.

Benefits of washing powder:

  1. Washing powder is great for removing old, stubborn stains.
  2. Washing powder packaging is usually made of cardboard that is environmentally friendly.
  3. Washing powder is not very expensive and it is affordable.
  4. Washing powder does not require preservatives.
  5. Due to the presence of alkyl benzene sulfonate, it is suitable for cleaning stains such as mud, dirt and grass.

Disadvantages of washing powder:

  1. If you use cold water or the water hardness is high, it will not dissolve well and will leave unpleasant effects on the fabric.
  2. Contains sodium sulfate, which is harmful to the environment and the sewage system.
  3. It contains more chemicals than liquid which is harmful to the washing machine and causes corrosion.
  4. If it gets wet, it loses its function and must be stored in a dry place. The powder needs more water to dissolve.
  5. Therefore, with powder, water consumption increases in all types of washing machine washing programs.

Benefits of washing liquid:

  1. It is still effective in conditions such as low temperatures or water hardness and has no effect on clothing.
  2. It contains less chemicals than powder and is therefore better for the washing machine and the environment.
  3. You can pour the washing liquid directly into the drum instead of the car wash compartment.
  4. Washing liquid has more product variety than powder.
  5. The performance of the washing liquid is softer than the powder of the fabric fibers.

Disadvantages of washing liquid

  1. washing machines are more compatible with liquid detergents.
  2. It works better than powder for oily and sticky stains like grease.
  3. It is very suitable for daily washing and new stains, but it is difficult to remove stubborn and old stains that have left their mark.
  4. Harmful preservatives are used to prevent the detergent from spoiling the laundry liquid.
  5. Cases of laundry poisoning have been reported in children. So it is a little harder to keep at home than powder.

Machine detergent powder producers

Machine detergent powder producers Today, due to more people using washing powder and liquid, manufacturers in this field have also increased, and in this field, there are different brands, each of which has its own unique characteristics. These manufacturers sell their products. They use various methods including online.

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